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Investing in Your Wellbeing

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An initial appointment is usually for 1 hour face to face (either online or in person).


Before the appoinment a pre-consult questionnaire will be sent via secure online link, to enable consideration of your goals, health history and any current symptoms/ health conditions.

After the session the recommendations regarding any supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes will also be emailed to you.


The cost for an initial session is £100.

Any tests that are recommended would be charged in addition to the consultation, and the price of these would be made clear when recommended for you as an option to choose.

Herbal medicine can come in the form of teas, concentrated powder extracts to simply mix with water to make a tonic, capsules, skin creams and oils.


Nutritional supplements can be in the form of capsule, liquid or powder Vitamins, Minerals and other Nutrients. The cost of any herbal or nutritional supplements are in addition to the consultation fee but also made clear to you when recommended.


Follow-up sessions of 30 minutes are available for £50.

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