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Fiona is a degree trained and registered Medical Herbalist with The National Institute of Medical Herbalists; the UK's leading professional body of practitioners of herbal medicine (BSc hons, mNIMH) as well as being a registered Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBANT, mCNHC).


With over 12 years experience in practice she brings a depth of experience, care and enthusiasm to working with clients one-to-one on a range of health issues, including optimising energy, hormonal health, digestion, sleep, skin and emotional health.


Nutrition and Herbal Medicine take into account our individual personal lifestyle factors and biochemistry to give a whole person approach to wellbeing; with advice around nutrition, exercise and stress-management being an integral part of the process.


Bodywork therapies are offered alongside or as a stand-alone treatment to further support the whole body and being, giving the opportunity to deeply rest and regenerate.


The quality of presence and atmosphere offered to clients in a session is held as vital to provide the best support possible and a practitioner that can be trusted implicitly.


Programs are designed to assist in making authentic and sustainable lifestyle changes, working alongside conventional medicine, and tailoring each treatment to the individual.


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During a consultation we go through all of your current symptoms/ conditions and look through past health and medical history to get a full picture of what may be underlying your present state. We look at diet and nutrition, quality of sleep, exercise and other lifestyle factors that all contribute to how we feel on a daily basis. I can also advise and order private testing where needed such as vitamin and mineral blood levels, hormone panels including full thyroid hormones, comprehensive stool testing for digestive health, DNA testing and more.

A hands-on modality applied over clothes assisting a deep rest & reconnection that supports healing from within.

In reconnecting with our inner-stillness we can also observe with greater clarity any attitudes, emotions, behaviours, beliefs or ideals that we may be holding that don't support our true health and well-being.


The word Esoteric originally comes from the greek ‘esoterikos’ meaning ‘from

within’ and in this context is used to refer to reconnecting back with our inner-most essence and not something mysterious or secret.

A simple, yet powerfully effective treatment that works directly with the energy flowing throughout the connective tissue system in order to support and restore the natural energetic balance of the whole body.

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A revolutionary needle therapy that is safe, gentle, deeply settling and rejuvenating.

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Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a deeply re-juvenating therapy but

what is it you might ask? Watch this intro video to find out more:


Relaxing and refreshing, energetic facial release is a series of gentle massage-like movements that assist with releasing tension, stress and emotions that we can keep locked in the face, helping the whole body to settle.

Can be included as part of a treatment alongside Connective Tissue Therapy and Sacred Esoteric Healing or as a stand-alone treatment of itself.


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